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Otakon Ponies

Otakon Ponies


Baltimore, MD

Otakon is an anime convention held in the Baltimore Convention Center every year, if you plan on attending, join this group! We'll be organizing a Brony meetup there!

Otakon Ponies (otakon) group


  1. !Otakon pre-reg is up now!

    Wednesday, 22-Feb-12 02:34:01 UTC from web
    • ...I've gotten to the point where I sing along with Winter Wrap Up whenever I hear it.

      Friday, 05-Aug-11 00:37:53 UTC from web
    • !otakon was a huge success!!!! I had the time of my life! Awesome 3 days. Spent over 300 dollars in merch. Gosh I went way over budget. It was totes worth it.

      Monday, 01-Aug-11 19:11:28 UTC from web

      Friday, 29-Jul-11 01:37:44 UTC from web
    • So, who's excited for !otakon in 2 days?!?!?! I know I am! :D

      Wednesday, 27-Jul-11 21:56:15 UTC from web
    • !equestriagaming [News] Otakon Brony Meetup! - I'm organizing the !otakon Brony Meetup, details found in the post!

      Wednesday, 13-Jul-11 17:58:21 UTC from web
    • Alright !otakon ponies, I'll make a post on Equestria Gaming later today about the meetup. I've got this planned out.

      Wednesday, 13-Jul-11 15:03:23 UTC from web
      • WELL NOW! I think I've gotten at least 50 bronies who are attending !otakon .... THATS A LOT OF PEOPLE I THINK I MIGHT NEED MORE STICKERS

        Monday, 11-Apr-11 20:40:59 UTC from web
      • @strawberryspice ever since the suggestion of the !otakon brony meetup, other brony meetups are starting to organize. Epic win ^.^

        Saturday, 09-Apr-11 03:22:05 UTC from web
      • And, here's a picture of the stickers after I've cut them out! I can't wait to do this a couple hundred more times for !otakon

        Friday, 08-Apr-11 00:37:24 UTC from web
      • !otakon

        Thursday, 07-Apr-11 19:17:15 UTC from web
        • What's up everypony! :D

          Thursday, 07-Apr-11 01:03:32 UTC from web
        • !otakon

          Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 20:36:29 UTC from web
          • Hey, if some bronies put on a bronycon, would you go?

            Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 16:54:00 UTC from web