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A group for all the minecraft players on RADN

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  • Patrick Perez minecraftgamesfreeplay Patrick Perez USA

    I do experience working in hospital and work abroad as a DH, I also experience working in factory, garments and electronics. I work hard to help for my family.

  • isaac newton tyreen isaac newton st.kitts

    am from st.kitts, i like to browse the internet and travel i also build websites for a living

  • Technic Light meteorstrike Technic Light The Moon

    I am a gaming brony who believes Vinyl to be best PON3. I play Minecraft and host a server every now and then called Runic Pony. It runs both Runecraft and the PonyPack. I'm open to other games though. Also, I'd be willing to be an editor for someone's fanfic as long as there is no time constraint. College gets in the way sometimes.

  • Angry Liberal mrmattimation Angry Liberal Washington, DC

    I make the funny meme videos. He/Him. CURRENT PROJECT(S): Undertale: The Twin Souls [Part 3] THE TOOLS WE USE: Adobe Animate CC 2017.5 (Character Animation) CACANi (Clean-up and Shading) Clip Studio Paint Pro (Painted Backgrounds & Standalone Pieces) Blender (3D Modelling & Rendering) Newgrounds Swivel (Rendering Flash file into an HD movie file) Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 (Editing) Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 (Final Render) Audacity (Sound) Adobe Audition CC 2018 (Sound) Wacom Cintiq Compaion 2 (Drawing Tablet) Lazy Nezumi Pro (Drawing Assistance) Blue Yeti (Microphone) FL Studio 12 (Music) FLASH SETTINGS: Stage size: 640 x 360 (rendered at 1920 x 1080 in Swivel. Backgrounds are done at 5000 x 2500) Brush size: 2, with zoom scaling set to "on" Smoothing: 50 COMMISSION INFO: TUMBLR TWITTER TOP BANTER Steam: mrmattimation Snapchat: MrMattimation Xbox Live: MrMattimation Business email: mrmattimation(gnat)gmail(snot)com Fan Art:

  • Hotpotato Butterfingers spots Hotpotato Butterfingers heckville

    pchoo pchoo pchoo

  • Scribus scribus Scribus IE, CA

    The tragic aftermath of an accident between Greg Universe and Squanchy at the LHC. Narrator for the Sage And Savant steampunk adventure podcast. Largely dead inside, but getting better.

  • Ryan larkin blazewings Ryan larkin US,Utah,Riverton

    i live in Utah im a brony this seems like a nice website for me because its rules i like and we all have to have a website to post pony's and this is the local area around me.

  • Layse Ray layseray1 Layse Ray Penrith

    Diamonds catering,cater for all occasions including,weddings,birthdays,sporting events,corporate functions or virtually any event requiring a professional specilised catering service.Diamonds Catering services The Hills District, Parramatta & Blacktown, Campbelltown/Camden, Penrith and all South Western Sydney, Blue Mountains & Hawkesbury Regions

  • Storm stormstep Storm Cloudsdale
  • adiwan adiwan adiwan Germany

    Making some pony art. Computer science student. Retro gamer. Linux user. Loves epic soundtracks. Just a typical Geek/Nerd who loves new things. Mod of Main tumblr

  • Erin Lynn McCartan eripie Erin Lynn McCartan Ontario, Canada

    A girl who fell in love with ponies with their inspiration <3 Self taught artist and a brilliant talker :p Want to add me on skype? Feel free :D eriannalynn

  • Jackie Bandicoot xxdashiearmyxx Jackie Bandicoot King Faisal Street, Sharjah, United Arab Emirate


  • Tristan Hancock thancock17 Tristan Hancock Anacoco La

    I'm a boy (straight) 15, in 9th grade, and love minecraft very much. I'm sorta a new brony but I'm in it now. My username is nothing preverted I promise! Its my first anitial, last name, then my favorite #.

  • Chad chad Chad Canada
  • derps derps
  • Stumperman stumperman Stumperman United States of da mericans

    Sup I'm a random dude who's not a brony anymore but only here cause friends

  • Blake eightbit Blake New Hampshire

    I love making games and playing games.

  • Grey greymatter Grey Bristol, UK

    Confusing pegasus pony. Leader-person of the Bristol Bronies.

  • Bit Shift bitshift Bit Shift United Kingdom

    Yosuke will now DIE FOR YOU.

  • Joe j03m31573r Joe BC, Canada

    This Forum seems to be where I belong... I'm so proud...

  • Jude $Dashie$ Swan rdnsbronykid Jude $Dashie$ Swan London

    i cant wait for the olympics! :) lyra is my waifu. ya here meh?

  • Vinyl Scratch djvinylp0n3 Vinyl Scratch California

    I'm a 11 yr old Cali brony. I've made many of my friends join the herd, three of which have joined this site (camy, DJrainbowscratch, and applejacklover19). I have xbox live and my gamertag be TheKhaosPhoenix (SUBJECT TO CHANGE :D). I'm 4th Prestige on MW3, going 5th. Vinyl Scratch, RainbowDash, and Princess Cadence be best ponies. On the web i'm known as DJVinylPON3 (or DJVinylP0N3), Brandyjaxon, raffleclone, or rarely Zeokx

  • Sleek Rush sleekrush Sleek Rush

    I'm a lifelong tech geek currently working as a software developer. I got into ponies on my own between seasons 1 and 2, and haven't looked back since! I like to spend my free time tinkering on the computer, playing video games or table top games with friends, and training in parkour.

  • doates doates doates King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States


  • Joey Den scootaboo Joey Den
  • Sawyer VanDanElzen genericname123 Sawyer VanDanElzen Rochester, Michigain

    I like ponies, Dr. Who(oves), FullMetal Alchemist, I've recently gotten into Gurren Lagann, Minecraft, Terraria, and did I mention I like ponies? I'm also 14. LOL PEDOPHILIA. If you wanna add me on Skype (I love chatting), add me @ cake.thief!

  • David Nettey captainskyworthy David Nettey United States

    I'm just a guy who hates writing descriptions yet still feels the need to write one

  • sb42 sb42 sb42 United States

    Yo! I should really write a bio sometime shouldn't I? Gah... I guess I will. Someday... Oh! I know! I'll write it tomorrow! Yeah, that's it! =D Cool? Cool.

  • Macpony55 macpony55 Macpony55 United States

    I dunno, I suppose I do stuff, there's pretty much no limit to the stuff I do. Enjoy new things, enjoy old things, talk to me about something, maybe I'll know what you're sayin', or maybe I won't and I'll be learning something new. Win-Win, for me at least :p macpony55 is my name for DA, skype, msn, steam, and pretty much everything else.

  • Thunder Dash thunderdash Thunder Dash New Westmanester, British Coltumbia

    (real name: Anthony Krag) A bit of an anti-social brony, due to my shyness. I'd love to meet other bronies though, I'm lonely. ^^ Addendum because I'm feeling brave right now (Don't know if I'll regret this or not, but whatever)... I'm also a furry. If you don't like it, then okay, but please don't bother me about it.