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The RDN Mining Team

The RDN Mining Team

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A group for updates to the people Cerulean has enlisted to mine cryptocurrencies to help fund RDN

The RDN Mining Team (rdnminers) group


  1. Laptop is thoroughly bunsed. Apologies but i cannot run any miner on it and until i have a newer computer i can't do anything concerning this.

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:17:22 UTC from web
  2. Though if you already have a bespoke string, don't worry abou tit.

    Monday, 20-Jan-14 10:07:59 UTC from web
    • Switching DGC pools, as D2's uptime has been utter balls this week.

      Monday, 20-Jan-14 10:00:33 UTC from web
    • Switched from Feather to DigitalCoin. Same value, 5X lower difficulty. Should see your number of "Yay's" increase.

      Friday, 17-Jan-14 23:33:15 UTC from web
    • Yay a share!

      Thursday, 16-Jan-14 22:09:50 UTC from web
    • OK, this is ready for general release now: If you want to donate to RDN by contributing spare CPU time that you have available, you may now do so by following these instructions: First, download the appropriate miner for your OS here:, then using a CLI, fire it up (Protip, in windows, holding shift and right clicking gives you the option to "Open a Command Window Here") and run the following command: minerd.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u Serrio.Open then just leave it running as long as you want. Obviously, this maxes your CPU, so don't set yourself on fire running it on an uncooled machine, or in 40 degree heat.

      Thursday, 16-Jan-14 16:52:54 UTC from web
    • We're mining Feathercoin at the moment. You might notice fewer (yay)'s in your miners, because they're harder to get. On the other hand, a single Feathercoin is worth a full day of doges.

      Thursday, 16-Jan-14 09:02:58 UTC from web
      • @sprite !rdnminers 30bux to break even

        Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 20:39:10 UTC from web
        • 500 doge today!

          Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 19:12:24 UTC from web
          • !rdnminers 105KH/s woo~

            Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 16:56:02 UTC from web
          • !rdnminers PS, if you're mining for RDN, join this group so I can keep you up to date on whats going down

            Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 16:23:17 UTC from web