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Seafoam Fans

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A group for the followers of Our Lady of the Dolphins. See how she glows with that special aura that surrounds her...

Seafoam Fans (seafoam) group


  1. # Finally got me some # # — all show accurate ones except # Of course including Sea Swirl, the closest to !Seafoam you can get. When I came back from my pony quest yesterday, she happened to be the first I got hold of when I reached into the shopping bag. Also, she was the first I unwrapped. Nevertheless, I'm going to leave the hunt for Big M at the Winter Wrap-up # on Saturday to my fellow # About one hundred fellow bronies or so.

    Thursday, 15-Mar-12 21:04:33 UTC from
  2. Did I mention that I didn't notice the Dude pony? Not because I don't know #, I know that movie, but because !Seafoam distracted me.

    Monday, 05-Dec-11 10:01:49 UTC from web
    • More # for your pocket by OceanBreezeBrony, including !Roseluck and !Seafoam

      Thursday, 10-Nov-11 19:10:59 UTC from web
      • Identified # # ponies except the Mane Six (so far): !BigMacintosh, !Blues, !Bluegrass, !SirColtonVinesIII (wrong hair colour, but bound to be # with !Daisy aka !FlowerWishes), !AppleBumpkin, !Seafoam, !Lyra, !RainbowDay. Of course, their official names aren't known yet. One Pinkie recolour remains unidentified. !BonBon maybe? !bnl #

        Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 19:52:35 UTC from web
      • !customponies Here have some Seafoam . And some OC (Fazer)

        Friday, 28-Oct-11 04:05:08 UTC from web
      • Today's National Coming Out day!... Oh, hang on, that's yesterday. Never mind.

        Wednesday, 12-Oct-11 14:59:20 UTC from web
      • # the animators, they put !Seafoam closest to Big Macintosh in the pile of # scene in Lesson Zero. Good thing nopony knows her, so I hope she's safe from the # masses.#season2 #

        Sunday, 16-Oct-11 21:00:25 UTC from web
      • Call me crazy, but Our Lady of the Dolphins !Seafoam has got her own group now. # #

        Saturday, 17-Sep-11 09:20:10 UTC from web