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My Little Theories

My Little Theories

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A group for those who find themselves over-analyzing the show. (Also, guessing about upcoming episodes.)

My Little Theories (theories) group


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    Sunday, 25-Mar-12 23:54:31 UTC from web
  2. !theories I think I know how there are two Pinkies in the Smile song from the new episode. Remember in Luna Eclipsed where Pinkie laid an egg? Yeah, exactly.

    Sunday, 26-Feb-12 04:11:33 UTC from web
  3. Ponyville mag from @xxrainbowdashxx has got me all inspired. You ponies with !theories want to start an intellingent equestria blog/magazine/web comic? I could run the blog, and ponies could ask questions, but they won't be answered until you contribute (if you want) and you would get credit. Sound like a good idea?

    Thursday, 23-Feb-12 03:26:42 UTC from web
  4. Here's a little something I wrote up: Yay! overanalying! !theories

    Sunday, 19-Feb-12 08:32:14 UTC from web
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  5. Luna was never actually banished to the moon. Nightmare Moon was, but Luna just opted to stay on the moon for a thousand years because she was so awkward around other ponies. !theories

    Saturday, 18-Feb-12 07:05:37 UTC from web
    • Does anyone else get philosophical late at night? Cuz right now, I'm wondering about where ponies go when they die... !theories

      Saturday, 18-Feb-12 06:40:27 UTC from web
    • @brony001 I know that feel, bro... Which episode did you use? I like to start with the pilot. It introduces the characters REALLY well, and the cliff-hanger makes people want to watch the next episode, and by that point, they're emotionally invested. Also, try showing them Fluttershy Squeaks, Pinkie Pie Foreverrrrr, and Derpy (but you'll have to explain the history of the last one). Then bust out Know Your Meme's coverage of the MLP phenomenon to prove you're not crazy. Your friends will have no choice but to acknowledge the awesome... Wow, I've thought about this too much. !theories #

      Saturday, 18-Feb-12 00:43:02 UTC from web
    • @swiftkick do you have any questions i should answer

      Friday, 17-Feb-12 18:31:33 UTC from web
    • new thing for !theories how pegasi fly

      Friday, 17-Feb-12 18:45:47 UTC from web
    • More # for !theories! more more more must answer

      Friday, 17-Feb-12 18:27:13 UTC from web
      • Hey, everypony. Throw some !theories at me. I'll pose a starter question: Applejack, the Element of Honesty, is always freaking lying. Discuss.

        Friday, 17-Feb-12 18:12:36 UTC from web
      • !theories Ponies vs. Physics:

        Friday, 17-Feb-12 07:10:49 UTC from web
        • !theories First order of business. Celestia. fun loving leader, or evil Hitler pony of death? Discuss.

          Friday, 17-Feb-12 06:55:07 UTC from web
        • !theories What's the average lifespan of Equestrian ponies? They only get about 30 years in our world...

          Friday, 17-Feb-12 06:55:12 UTC from web
        • !theories testing testing afrak afrak

          Friday, 17-Feb-12 06:51:26 UTC from web
          • !theories It begins.

            Friday, 17-Feb-12 06:44:29 UTC from web