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Greater Toronto Area brony group

Greater Toronto Area brony group


Welcome to the new Toronto bronies page.

Updated events are currently on the Facebook page.

Greater Toronto Area brony group (torontobronies) group


  1. Hey is anyone watching EQG at sunday, at Dundas

    Tuesday, 23-Sep-14 21:13:33 UTC from web
  2. When is the next the meeting and where is it guys ?

    Sunday, 03-Aug-14 20:53:22 UTC from web
  3. I

    Sunday, 03-Aug-14 20:52:39 UTC from web
    • @wonderboltdash85 Hello !

      Sunday, 03-Aug-14 19:36:11 UTC from web
      • Hello I'm new !

        Sunday, 03-Aug-14 19:24:27 UTC from web
      • !torontobronies hey, if any of you guys are interested, I'm considering starting a group for Toronto. I'm not going to be able to do it for two weeks due to a trip, but any interest?

        Sunday, 28-Jul-13 02:28:11 UTC from web
      • !torontobronies hi, my son (age 6) loves mlp, but he doesn't want his friends at school to know, because he's afraid of getting teased. any toronto-area events that would be appropriate for him so he knows he's not the only guy who likes ponies?

        Thursday, 16-May-13 00:09:23 UTC from web
      • !torontobronies Well... anypony still alive in this group?

        Monday, 06-May-13 03:06:15 UTC from web
      • sorry, i joined just now. does anypony live near Whitby Ont? !torontobronies

        Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 01:58:20 UTC from web
        • !torontobronies

          Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 01:56:09 UTC from web
        • GOD

          Sunday, 03-Mar-13 00:23:05 UTC from web

          Saturday, 23-Feb-13 05:51:17 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        • !torontobronies Im so happy this is a thing :D

          Thursday, 14-Feb-13 04:37:05 UTC from web
        • @renovatedkitchen Nice name

          Thursday, 03-Jan-13 09:24:16 UTC from web
        • @yuri !torontobronies

          Friday, 16-Nov-12 06:40:54 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        • !torontobronies So after the last group disappearing apparently, I have found the new one and wish to inform you all of this:

          Wednesday, 14-Nov-12 21:42:02 UTC from web
        • !torontobronies let's tell everyone we have meets every week so it will look like we aren't lazy and actually meet

          Tuesday, 13-Nov-12 19:33:11 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          • !torontobronies # the 401entrance is closed near the real canadian superstore. There are detour signs posted.

            Saturday, 20-Oct-12 15:55:58 UTC from web
          • !torontobronies Time to rave at dundas square on the 31st of october with gangnam style!

            Sunday, 09-Sep-12 22:29:29 UTC from web
          • so... im about 80% sure that my plan includes unlimited texting... i think thats enough to give my number to some !torontobronies... just remember to not actually [i]call[/i] me. only text.

            Sunday, 26-Aug-12 18:14:54 UTC from web
            • Derrrr

              Sunday, 12-Aug-12 17:42:23 UTC from web
            • !nybronies, is there anypony here? Im visiting from !torontobronies!

              Friday, 10-Aug-12 11:33:11 UTC from web
            • Crazy story, eh !torontobronies

              Tuesday, 31-Jul-12 17:10:05 UTC from web
            • @mrsconventrix that episode when sponggebob makes a bubble friend

              Friday, 27-Jul-12 02:38:28 UTC from web
            • !torontobronies the weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meets will commence once my car is ready. Obviously not so I can show it off.

              Friday, 27-Jul-12 00:44:41 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
              • @ceruleanspark I have found you a solution to all your pony show problems. Very simple.

                Friday, 27-Jul-12 00:37:26 UTC from StatusNet iPhone Repeated by techdisk