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a group for all ponies and bronies that are on tumblr.

Tumblrers (tumblr) group


  1. My !android !tumblr application has a strange bug for a long time. It can't update the counter for the amount of followers I have. I have to reinstall the application in order to get an update for this counter. Everything else works fine.

    Tuesday, 28-May-13 07:28:19 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • This proves the point that there is a !tumblr for everything

      Thursday, 28-Mar-13 16:53:55 UTC from Choqok
    • The new !tumblr design is awful. Unusable! I hate it.

      Saturday, 26-Jan-13 07:50:16 UTC from Choqok
    • @thelastgherkin With this Userscript you can create custom layouts for imagesets on !tumblr For example you can make a layout with one picture per line.

      Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 21:08:55 UTC from Choqok
    • Just now I had to block my first user in !tumblr. spams me with the same question all the time. Not only in the ask box but also he/she uses the submit box. Both anon and non-anon.

      Sunday, 16-Dec-12 15:25:57 UTC from Choqok
      • In the mobile !tumblr application they have changed the user icons of the anonymous askers in the message box. They all have now "V for Vendetta" masks.

        Monday, 05-Nov-12 08:44:52 UTC from Choqok
      • !tumblr ponies want to add me? !twitter ponies want to add me?!/FlareDancer42

        Friday, 27-Apr-12 13:16:40 UTC from web
        • go on !tumblr, 24 items in inbox yay! all of them say quess. WHO THE HECK IS DOING THIS

          Sunday, 25-Mar-12 19:43:41 UTC from web
          • you should check out it isn't very big or a draw blog, but she will answer your questions, that's an upside! !tumblr !fluttershy

            Monday, 05-Mar-12 04:14:00 UTC from web

              Monday, 27-Feb-12 23:45:50 UTC from web
              • moar !tumblr

                Monday, 27-Feb-12 03:44:29 UTC from web
                • MORE !TUMBLR MOR MORE MORE

                  Thursday, 23-Feb-12 16:03:50 UTC from web
                  • Ha! !Tumblr has been conquered! I've finally mastered the art of creating page navigation between permalinks. (Seriously, why is block:PermalinkPagination not documented?)

                    Friday, 10-Feb-12 04:44:34 UTC from web
                    • My thoughts on SOPA: !tumblr

                      Wednesday, 18-Jan-12 16:05:06 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                    • For you tumblr people, here's the full set: !tumblr

                      Monday, 09-Jan-12 19:25:58 UTC from web
                    • Yay, I love a good ol' # in #!: !tumblr

                      Sunday, 06-Nov-11 15:06:48 UTC from web
                      • I wonder if anyone's still active in !tumblr. Mine is here:

                        Friday, 04-Nov-11 17:35:06 UTC from web
                        • had a good session of DnD tonight. and afterward we interviewed a guy from !tumblr who wants to join in. he may be replacing our sorcerer

                          Thursday, 29-Sep-11 05:30:24 UTC from web
                        • now would be a good time to check out my blog. some hilarious stuff going on over there ( !tumblr

                          Thursday, 22-Sep-11 04:30:30 UTC from web
                          • oh, and follow me. !tumblr

                            Tuesday, 30-Aug-11 02:45:19 UTC from web
                            • Baaah !tumblr why you be so lag

                              Wednesday, 17-Aug-11 14:08:56 UTC from web
                            • you know what I just realized, while going back through my !tumblr blog? I am one funny mofo. follow me at

                              Wednesday, 17-Aug-11 08:01:10 UTC from web
                            • @mrbrown this is what I used it for

                              Wednesday, 10-Aug-11 08:02:24 UTC from web
                            • @ponydude2143 I had quite a few encounters on Omegle last night. check them out on my !tumblr: (shameless self promotion)

                              Tuesday, 09-Aug-11 02:05:41 UTC from web
                            • check this out. also, follow this guy on !tumblr. he's pretty rad.

                              Friday, 05-Aug-11 07:23:50 UTC from web
                              • oh, and follow me on !tumblr. i'm

                                Thursday, 28-Jul-11 21:34:40 UTC from web
                                • @tinwhistle !tumblr. that is all

                                  Monday, 25-Jul-11 18:41:37 UTC from web
                                • !tumblr To all you tumblr ponies:

                                  Saturday, 16-Jul-11 16:16:42 UTC from web
                                • !tumblr. all bronies using tumblr get in hurr~

                                  Friday, 08-Jul-11 21:06:08 UTC from web