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Children's Cards Game Fanclub

Children's Cards Game Fanclub

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ATTENTION DUELISTS: My hair says this is the official RDN Group for fans of Yugioh!

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  1. YAAAAAS. I just attacked with a Cyber Twin Dragon, and the AI activated Magic Cylinder, but then I De-Fusioned so I got two Cyber Dragons back and then I could attack two more times and win. !yugioh

    Sunday, 14-Sep-14 12:48:21 UTC from web
    • !yugioh maybe now it is a good time to look at some synchro bugs

      Monday, 08-Sep-14 15:32:21 UTC from web
    • !yugioh so, i've downloaded ygo pro, maybe by the night i do a deck and we can duel ^^

      Monday, 08-Sep-14 12:09:56 UTC from web
    • Same here. I am finishing off some homework on which I was procrastinating.

      Monday, 08-Sep-14 04:12:31 UTC from web
    • !yugioh I found my original The Winged Dragon of Ra card. This is the first edition release (not the tournament legal variant released a few years later). Proud to say it's still in mint condition.

      Sunday, 07-Sep-14 04:00:30 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • A new duelist approaches

      Saturday, 06-Sep-14 16:32:47 UTC from web
      • !yugioh So I've decided to make an RDN Yugioh Group for the duelists of RDN. Come one come all and all that jazz. @coltz @mushi @ellieellie @mastertdi @spots @meloetta

        Saturday, 06-Sep-14 06:10:27 UTC from web