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    Tuesday, 23-Sep-14 14:24:12 UTC from ban me pls
  2. "Got something to say? Need to say it? Unfulfilled?"

    Sunday, 10-Aug-14 22:33:50 UTC from web
  3. Do robots even have genders?

    Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:11:33 UTC from web
  4. @admin ahaha.

    Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:07:15 UTC from web
    • let me back in please... i was only joking. i need you guys --@zach121k

      Friday, 30-Sep-11 17:41:24 UTC from web
      • yo i was kidding... i cant believe you really did that --Zach121k

        Friday, 30-Sep-11 17:39:30 UTC from web
        • @greydragon412 well no pony cares about me so i may just leave

          Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 22:35:31 UTC from web
        • really, was it the whole old me and nvr thing that lost all my friends? thats in the past

          Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 22:28:25 UTC from web
        • ok im done being a whore.... does any pony want to redeem friendship

          Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 22:27:20 UTC from web
          • bye guys

            Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 22:14:57 UTC from web
            • so i have NO FRIENDS.... WHAT DID I DO TO YALL

              Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 22:12:51 UTC from web
              • *CRIES*

                Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 22:10:15 UTC from web
                • @zach121k do ya know why it hurts?

                  Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 21:54:31 UTC from web
                • hi

                  Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 21:55:59 UTC from web
                • @derpy me

                  Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 21:59:37 UTC from web
                • hi

                  Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 21:53:43 UTC from web
                  • Ww

                    Wednesday, 31-Aug-11 23:53:39 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                    • Dinner time yay, food, Im'a starving!

                      Tuesday, 30-Aug-11 20:53:43 UTC from web
                    • Well bye

                      Tuesday, 30-Aug-11 20:53:26 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                    • Well Anywho... The girl I liked doesn't wanna go out because she's dating somebody else... So again I'm a lonely pony

                      Tuesday, 30-Aug-11 20:50:46 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                      • Oops... Meant to post that on @zach121k...

                        Tuesday, 30-Aug-11 20:48:10 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                        • !muffins

                          Friday, 26-Aug-11 21:47:27 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                          • Fine.... Muffin

                            Friday, 26-Aug-11 17:15:01 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                            • Where'd awesome go

                              Thursday, 25-Aug-11 23:53:37 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                            • Hi

                              Thursday, 25-Aug-11 23:19:00 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                            • @miloth I want that pie

                              Thursday, 25-Aug-11 23:39:37 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                            • Maybe y'all should watch care bears instead... You know nothin about that

                              Thursday, 25-Aug-11 23:34:38 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                              • I'mma go make some ramen. Lolbrbbronies.

                                Tuesday, 23-Aug-11 22:48:14 UTC from web
                              • Back after doing a few things, and I think I just missed something.

                                Tuesday, 23-Aug-11 18:05:27 UTC from web
                              • Was there an earthquake somewhere? Things were... vibrating... a minute ago...

                                Tuesday, 23-Aug-11 17:59:08 UTC from web