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  1. @thelastgherkin It was a great war, the frightened human vs. the ever-strong bee. It began with a verbal assault. I told it to 'buzz off' and he buzzed threateningly back. The scoundrel! I opened the window to shoo him away, but to no avail, as he swiftly flew in and proceeded to buzz menacingly around my room. I fled. I hid under my bedsheets in hopes that he would fly outside again, but alas, he did not. He was a stubborn one. I bolted out of my room and grabbed my trusty yardstick, because I don't own a swatter. I burst back into my room and shouted 'ON GARD!' My foe was certainly on guard, as he now had a friend. It was a long and bloody battle, but there was no winner. It was time to bring out the big guns. I ran downstairs, and found a large fan. I sprinted back to my room, and plugged it into the nearest outlet. I turned it on full blast, and the bees were helpless. I blew them out of my window, slammed it shut, and indulged in my victory over those dastardly bees. #

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