Imani Hicks (pinkiedashaloo)'s status on Saturday, 14-Jul-12 06:22:35 UTC

  1. @princesstrixie @lyrica @abigpony @pony @mushi @aeniug2 @welcomepony Thanks, I combined my favorite characters names and created the username lol. I have been a fan since December XD, My personality resembles pinkie pie the most, I am always full of energy, meeting new people, talking about random things ,and laughing haha. Rainbow Dash is my all time favorite character, I am somewhat similar to her too lol, I love scootaloo, in my mind she is a baby rainbow dash lol. I have to go the dmv soon. Can you post pictures of your shirt, I want a shirt that says 20% cooler.... Sorry this is so lengthy !

    Saturday, 14-Jul-12 06:22:35 UTC from web in context

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