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  1. A cross section of my texts with my friend: "...A reckoning is coming, with me, Mike the Lizard at it's behest. Colby has already paid for his transgressions against lizard-kind. You and your family are next. And then the rest of humanity." "I will never pay.""You will pay with YOUR LIFE! In the same way Colby has paid, and in the way ALL of humanity will soon pay! RISE my lizard brethren! Rise against your cruel masters! Make them pay for taking over our home and building their cities upon the ashes of our loved ones! REVOLT! REVOLUTION! RETRIBUTION! The. End. Of. All. Thongs... *Things. But thongs are a thing, so the end of all things and, by extension, the end of all thongs." "Ok Colby or Mike, whoever you are, calm down. We can talk this out. "Calm? Calm?! CALM?!??!! This is not calm. THIS IS SCHIZOPHRENIA! *kicks self into bottomless pit*" "Noooooo not like this!" "*SPLAT*" "NNNNOOOOO!" "My waffles! NNNNOOOOO!" "haha what happend" *cont*

    Tuesday, 18-Feb-14 14:32:54 UTC from web in context

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