Colby (dropsterdash)'s status on Tuesday, 18-Feb-14 14:39:22 UTC

  1. @dropsterdash "I stepped on my waffles while I was moonwalking across the tabletop. Didn't you hear the splat?" "No but it must have been funny" "I fell off the table and am now in considerable pain. I'm fairly certain this much blood loss is not healthy." "If you die, hide so that no one finds your body." "I will be sure to do that. So glad to have such caring friends like you." "Good, then I'll come with my body bag and that will do the trick." "But I'm a bagophobe." "You'll be dead." "THEN RESPECT MY FREAKIN FINAL WISH! Take me in a sack. Bags are scary." "No you'll have to get in the bag. My sacks aren't big enough." "When the song drops the bass, I drop the sick moves. *dances like it's 1989*" "..... I don't know what to say."

    Tuesday, 18-Feb-14 14:39:22 UTC from web in context

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