Soren (soren)'s status on Saturday, 17-Jan-15 17:53:14 UTC

  1. Well RDN, it's been a great 5 months but I'm afraid I'll be leaving now. It's not for anything any of you has done, my life has just taken a direction where I don't have time to be invested and I won't be able to for... well a long while. I will still be available via Skype on an individual basis and you are free to get my e-mail address from Ellie. I'd like to leave the people I spent time with some notes, and I apologize for the amount of text about to show up on your screens.

    @mastertdi You're a great kid- you are very loyal and get so invested. I really would love to get it through you head that you can in fact do whatever it is you'd like, and that you do have some amazing qualities that you let shine. Also, plenty of your jokes have been 10/10 and the lels were had.

    @spots You're one of the smartest youngins I've ever met. Keep drawing, and stay grounded. You're going places. Also fak u too.


    Saturday, 17-Jan-15 17:53:14 UTC from web in context

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