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  1. @adiwan Close your eyes and visualise the following: You are running through a forest, and see a hive hanging low in the branch of a sycamore tree. If you do not know what a sycamore tree looks like, you can substitute oak, or cedar, or any other large tree. You think it may be fun to throw rocks at the hive. You are misguided. Bees begin pouring out. An unending torrent of bees. They are swarming you. They are stinging you, and you are flailing in a futile attempt to get them off. It's worse now and they have crawled inside of you. In through your tear ducts, and down your throat, muffling your screams. Now they are the ones that are desperate. Desperate to escape their new fleshy prison. They bite and sting, in an attempt to escape from you, but you have no way of letting them escape their bonds despite it being the only thing in the world that is important to you at this very moment.

    about 5 months ago from web in context


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