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  1. @scribus I would if I knew what to replace it with. The mouse still "works" but that constant double-clicking is super annoying. Whenever I have the nerves to try to fix it I'll certainly try to 3d print a replacement (if needed). So far I 3d printed a small cover for the 3d printer, a Vive controller stand, a miniature holder for painting, and a watch stand for my father. So far I broke my miniature holder's thread rod and I had to glue the bottle cap part to the grip part (I don't intend to use the vice thing for larger minis anyway), the Vive controller stand's cable slot is way too narrow and the USB cable plug holder is too small for my cables, and the 3d printer cover has a hole not at the right place. Only the watch stand my father uses is flawless (except for 4 misprints because of my fault that were caught very early). I have to learn a lot before I print perfect parts.

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