Alcoholic Beast (drinkingpony)'s status on Tuesday, 01-Jan-19 20:09:39 UTC

  1. @adiwan How bad is it that this thing popped in my head when you mentioned exploding heating bills ?

    Also I thought it just needed to be a comfortable steady temperature range for ABS 3D prints, but I see loads of articles talking about 363 K printing rooms/enclosures/cases, I never knew it had to be that hot. It kinda makes me want to give up on the idea of building a 3D printer myself and go straight for the homemade CNC mills. Argueably milling something out of Styrofoam and then perform some metallurgy magic might be more something up my alley to begin with :)

    After all, what is an extra 570 K to melt aluminum?

    about 21 days ago from web in context

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