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  1. @drinkingpony In reality I don't want an enclosure that is at a temperature of 363K. Surely it'll be the best temperature for ABS but I'm just happy with anything above 310K. At least it should be constant and no gust of wind should disturb the print. My PLA prints at the moment are just fine, as well as smaller PETG prints. My last PETG print (an IKEA Lack table riser) warped and some layers delaminated (it was a chunky and lengthy block, so it was bound to happen).
    I have 4 IKEA Lack tables stacked and I want to use them as enclosures. So it can't be too hot. I don't trust these sawdust filled and cheap tables to endure these temperatures without spontaneously combusting after a while.
    Later this year I want to build a mini CNC router with some printed parts and a Dremel rotary tool. Just for small stuff like engraving or cutting soft materials. After that and some experience with the smaller CNC I'll build a bigger machine but that'll be a project for the year after that.

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