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  1. @adiwan Using tables as isolation material for a hot chamber? I guess you could do that, depending on in what country the IKEA stood you got the tables from they would probably not like being treated as such though. I remember a metric ton of back and forths between some agency and IKEA regarding the couches in Brittain being flame-retardant to the point of self-extinguishing and those in another country to burn down to the ground within minutes.

    Back to your hot chamber, I guess depending on the size you could go to the city dump and 'liberate' some of those huge street tiles, get some tin foil, a ds18b20, relay, arduino nano, and a heating element of your choosing. But the more I think about it the more extravagant and large it actually gets. Too bad you probbably can't just use a couple of peltier devices to keep the temperature steady.

    P.S.that's not sawdust. look at the 2nd picture here: (also, this thing is cringe)

    about 20 days ago from web in context

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