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  1. @adiwan Oh yes, I know what you mean with VGA. None of my laptops had VGA and it was REALLY annoying untill I dumpsterdove myself an HP pavilion ( with an i7, rather old generation ). and repaired it by mostly figuring out the charge port was broken and putting on a pigtail ( RC-car battery cable ). It charges and it works, but looks like an IED. Still I find myself using it WAY too much for 'old' stuff. This includes the projector in the conferance room at work ( who still has a projector that only has VGA & DVI-A. really ? Cmon now )

    But yeah, eventually products with things like 802.11b and possibly Bluetooth 2.0 and lower will be no longer supported by new-tech. When that happens people are probably going to be happy that some 'nerd' still has a way to recover that one vacation photo from 2005.

    Bonus : What do you mean it is only 600 kilopixel ? I do not care, I just know it looks like Chungus

    about a month ago from web in context

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