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  1. @scribus The whole thing is totally political. There was recently a controversy about the Governor’s stance on late-term abortion, which the state GOP planned to use as ammo in the legislative elections we’re holding this year. But then that didn’t end up going anywhere. If this photo existed for 35 years, why is it only just now being brought up? Why wasn’t it brought up last year, when the Governor was inaugurated, or the year before, when it looked like the Republicans were gonna win the state elections? Because it was politically advantageous to the state GOP—which is one seat away from losing their legislative majority in both houses—to release it now. None of them raised any issues when their US Senate nominee, Corey Stewart, went on racially charged tangents about immigrants DURING the election. Ralph Northam has proven in the year he’s been governor, that the guy in the photo is not him today, even if it might have been decades ago.

    about 20 days ago from web in context

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