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  1. @mrmattimation Oh please, Morrowind is at least 15 times better than TES 4 and 5 combined on the basis alone that it makes you feel like an adventurer. Unless if you do not see the beauty of being on the bottom of the food chain and want to see if you can crawl out I guess.

    The fall of Elder Scrolls as far as I am concerned happened LONG before Ken Rolston was kinda only hired to be a yes-men for Oblivion's design. The game HAD TO appeal to a broader audience, with 2.86 million sales of Morrowind versus 4.47 million sales of Oblivion even though the playerbase has grown a LOT more. The game simply made you feel 'too special'. Something which they only doubled down on as they made you 'The Dragonborn'.

    I no longer feel like I am a part of the game in those games, I feel like I am a god, I can do everything and that is before I even think about turning on the cheats. I would rather be immersed in the story while knowing that the combat totally sucks. Something Skyrim still did not fix

    about 15 days ago from web in context

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