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  1. @drinkingpony Simple: I program a program such that people can gain knowledge of a procedure with this program. They interact (although very crudely) with the program and will be guided at each step of the procedure with a narrated text and helpful highlighting of objects. A VR training has the advantage that it can be trained everywhere (where VR headsets are available) and it doesn't disturb the production line. In the case of the robot arm entering the working area of the robot arm shuts it off completely and the production halts.
    Why is the industry worse: They don't know what they want and if they say what they want it's usually worse. HEY LET'S GAMIFY IT! >Just a simple highscore list sorted by completion time in its "hardest" difficulty (no guidance with highlighted objects or narration). But what kills me is that they want to use the hard coded steps from the guided difficulties instead of offering more interaction freedom (all objects can be picked up and dropped everywhere)

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