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  1. @scribus | Despise | Verb | Feel contempt for.

    Yeah, I'd say that is the word I would use.

    I find the voice-work boring and insultingly monotone to the point where both Mike Judge ( Hank Hill ) sounds like an orchestra of range.

    I find the drawing/animation style all sorts of stiff, uninteresting, and causes everything to look samey. Characters always placed right in front of the viewer whenever they do anything and probably looking directly at the viewer when opening their mouth.

    The humor is all over the place, mostly acting stupid all the time for the sake of being stupid. The TV people suddenly deciding to burn that tape with evidence ( Family Fraca's ) everyone standing around like a buffoon and ending with Bob being goated into repairing a tire for a guy he hates. As someone else once put it "There are more delightfull shows to watch CuckerSpaniels.

    I do not have a single reason to care about any of the characters as they ... ( 1/2 )

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