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  1. @adiwan [ mostly in a relatable way. ]

    Now I know that is a feeling, and I could never tell you that you are wrong. But things like Gravity Falls and MLP feel more relatable to me than BB. Not in that I actually come into contact with magic on the daily ( I should fix that ) but I would save my sibling from vampires or get all exited when I get one of my friends involved with one of my hobbies to the point where I forego my normal silent and reserved demeanor ( That is a long way around to get to scratch my back, but I hope you get what I mean... Fluttershy and Tank, I am thinking about that thing ). The motivations seem to remain stable and similar enough where I am able to crawl in their mindset.

    Meanwhile in BB, let us say that the characters are indeed deeper to the point where the other two pale in comparison. Then you run into the trouble of never ever being able to show us enough of their actual personalities to make enough connections for relatablility, and that takes me out.

    about a month ago from web in context

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