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  1. @scribus I would consider anime a sub-medium. It’s obviously still animation, not broad enough to be considered separately from other animation in that regard, but it can’t be as narrowly defined as a genre either since it covers so many different moods and topics. It can’t be called a “style” either, because so much anime is stylistically distinct from each other. Some of them, I would argue, like Pokémon, are more similar to western cartoons than they are to other animes, and some western cartoons (Totally Spies, Code Lyoko, Wakfu) are more similar to anime than they are to other western cartoons, and some still are international productions (Miraculous Ladybug) which take after some elements of both. At the same time, even the most westernized of anime is distinct enough from western cartoons, culturally and stylistically, that you can’t say that the difference between The Simpsons and Venture Bros. is the same difference as the one between The Simpsons and Dragon Ball.

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