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  1. @adiwan Oh him, yeah he is remarkably funny for a lawyer, explains it well too, however he can be a bit too far up his own butt to the point where you can hear an echo.

    Unless if you think 'The Don' actually could be legally prosecuted under battery and assault for what happened in that deleted scene from Captain Marvel.

    Especially in 1995, the jury would have a hard time to not laugh at him. That would be before the "Oh yeah, she did engage in physical bodily contact and then nearly broke and electrocuted his hand"

    But I think we should just forgive Legal Eagle for being a near blind MCU fanboy, just point and laugh, especially with the after-credits thing he dunks home that is basically "Damn girl, you were terrible in EndGame" ( Just to remove the spoilers )

    about 13 days ago from web in context

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