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  1. @drinkingpony Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were literally running against each other you weak-chinned gimp, I don’t know why you think you, as a non-American, are the authority on American politics because you read a copy of the NY Post on reddit two years ago, especially when you keep spouting blatantly untrue bullgrape that plays straight into alt-right gaslighting strategies. Not only are Clinton and Gabbard not even in the same race, if they were Gabbard STILL would be polling below 5%, I hate Hillary Clinton but even I’m not blind and stupid enough to think that Clinton and Gabbard are ANYWHERE in the same league. At least Bernie Sanders was liked by more than two people, Gabbard is a god damn joke over here, she is not ahead or even competing in ANY state primary contest, she’s even losing in her own home state, she’s the kind of brain dead moron who’s asking wage slaves to talk to their managers because her turkey wasn’t cut exactly one eight of an inch at the deli.

    about 11 days ago from web in context

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