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  1. @mrmattimation Well, he is a politician. Try to name me a POTUS from the last 50 years and I can probably give you a sham or two.

    But we both know what is currently going on in Virginia. No I do not think Trump should have said anything about minority members of Congress, in fact someone should have slapped him, camera's rolling or no. But last time I checked the black caucus of Virginia certainly is spreading a whole lot of influence to making sure to keep the whole area stays as anti-Trump as possible.

    Do I think that is a bad thing ? Nah, Time will tell. Can Trump win a second time without Virginia ? Time will tell, after all, it worked for Calvin Coolidge, Warren G. Harding, William Howard Taft, and Theodore Roosevelt before. But hey still, 19/26 winrate is not bad. Lets hope this is a good horserace.

    I can not wait to see who they will back this election cycle, all I know it is going to be some [Name] with a D at the end.

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