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  1. @drinkingpony There’s 100% a path to re-election that doesn’t involve Virginia, which is why I’m confused why he’s targeting this state. He’s planning to offset potential losses in PA, WI, and especially MI by flipping Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, Virginia, and New Mexico. Problem is Clinton won three of those states by 5% or more and they only got more Democratic in elections after that. Realistically I could see him winning New Hampshire and maybe Nevada, which is TECHNICALLY enough assuming he loses the Great Lakes and wins Maine’s second congressional district, but it’s not at all a comfortable margin, and Democrats winning even one more electoral vote (ie by winning Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district) would screw him. His best path to victory is maintaining states he already won, not winning new ones, and going after the swing states that went for Clinton is a very weird move.

    about 6 days ago from web in context

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