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  1. @mrmattimation Ohkay, I think I found the sore spot right then and there.

    > "best path to victory is maintaining states already won, not winning new ones,"

    That is way too much true to the whole idea of political ideologies eating themselves once they get more and more totalitarian. That is "Back your base !" "Back Your Base !" "BACK YOUR OWN FRIGGIN BASE !" untill you have alienated everyone that was not already part of the in-group by the first time those words were chanted.

    Back to modern day America. No group is going to win without the support of the people who feel no strong affiliation and rather let the policies ( or gut ) speak to them. Hell, the Rust Belt voted surprisingly Trump after 2 election cycles of "Hope".

    Not to say I would not be surprised that in the campaign office they jokingly talk about 'It is not about winning, it is about sending a message' while giving it their best Michael Caine impression.

    But it honestly sometimes is, just about sending a message.

    about 15 days ago from web in context

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