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  1. @tiff I am sorry to say that, no, it affects both the digital and the physical game releases ( physical being the Nintendo Switch Cartridges ). Most 'crashes' have seemingly occurred while the game attempted to quicksave, and it is currently under fan/hacker-dom invesigation what is going on. Currently it seems to point straight towards a well known issue with Ninendo Switch's Operating System in combination with using ExFat instead of Fat32 on your SDcard. ( which has been known for at least 15 months if you follow a certain GitHub trail )

    I expect that Nintendo was hesistant to 'fix' this since it was more likely that hackers and homebrewers were near infinitely more likely to run into Fat32's [4 GB minus 2 bytes ] maximum individual file limit. Not to mention straight up pirates.

    Regardless, it is a problem.

    about 19 days ago from web in context

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