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  1. @scribus The Sega consoles are a minefield with that. IIRC the Genesis was called the Mega Drive outside of North America because it was being carried by a different company abroad. I believe it is called the Tec Toy in Brazil. In Korea by Samsung and it was called the Super Gameaboyo or something like that.

    Then later with things like the Mega CD addon ( Sega CD in NA ) it got really confusing as some units were assembled in different area's than their intended audience that shipped together with controllers. Now for SOME reason the regional controlers were all different on the inside ( and I still have no idea why ) but I do know there is a real possibility that one of your controler has Samsung somewhere written on the circuit board, and the other reading Virgin Mastertronic or something. There is no doubt a bigger nerd than I am out there who knows that all by head.

    about 2 months ago from web in context

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