adiwan (adiwan)'s status on Tuesday, 26-Nov-19 08:06:37 UTC

  1. @scribus At first I wanted to say that these kind of spines are fine but then I remembered from my childhood how infuriating these are. I once collected Disney comics that are collected in books that are about the size of a manga (about 200 pages and the page size is about the same as a typical manga). It was not easy for me to get all books with a limited budget and in a pre-internet era. So I lived a long time with incomplete pictures staring at me like a Scrooge and Donald with hacked-up faces. Not only that but when I had a complete picture, due to the production inaccuracies, the picture didn't align perfectly (a 2mm offset!), which is infuriating in its own right. F those spines!!!

    about 8 months ago from web in context