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  1. @drinkingpony saying that LGBTQ+ oppression is insignificant because there's "no KKK equivalent" is ridiculous. just because it doesn't have a convenient name doesn't mean it isn't happening (not to mention that racism doesn't start and end with KKK). it's punishable by death in some countries. people all over the world are still abused verbally and physically if they're even thought to be gay. the (largely conservative-owned, at least here) media has something to do with it of course, but it's a problem on a social level too. i have no idea what that diabetes comment has to do with anything. if trans people and people elsewhere in the community had a better support system and weren't constantly getting discriminated against and having their lives and feelings invalidated, these statistics (which have seen arise amongst young people regardless, by the way) wouldn't be as bad as they are.

    about a month ago from web in context


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