Tiff (tiff)'s status on Monday, 29-Jun-20 10:42:30 UTC

  1. @mrmattimation I would prefer it for future reference if POC actors got to voice POC characters, especially in the current industry where they aren't getting the same treatment or opportunities as white people; but I absolutely agree that this current wave of networks removing TV episodes with instances of racism and actors conveniently regretting voicing POC roles all of a sudden is largely posturing in the absence of actual willingness to, you know, hire and support and pay POC. I also don't think it's a particularly far reach to suggest that companies are just pretending this is what activists are asking for as some sort of psyop, since it will most likely push the needle back in their favour (i.e. still not hiring, supporting and paying POC)

    about 13 days ago from web in context