adiwan (adiwan)'s status on Thursday, 18-Feb-21 07:22:09 UTC

  1. @scribus The fanservice was the least of my problems with it. The plot is so convoluted it hurts my intelligence. Sentient alien thread accelerates the evolution of humans so they can wear clothes, Then the thread is used to make super-powered magic clothes. Then the bad guys use the thread in normal clothing to enslave/transform humanity while the good guys have also thread on their bodies. Then the master plan is to engulf the earth with the magic thread so to make it pop and burst more thread into the universe. And then the whole school thing and trying to conquer other schools is also the dumbest thing in the series. Where is the military? Where are state officials? It's certainly concerning when there are huge military-grade fights all over the country without any consequences. My suspension of disbelief can handle only a limited amount of BS before it turns against the piece of fiction.

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