Matt (zeldatra)'s status on Saturday, 30-Jul-22 22:20:36 UTC

  1. @scribus I wouldn’t, at least not until they do at least a couple of bug fixes. Sims are currently aging up at random AT BEST, and at worst just straight up dying. It only affects long and short lifespans, and it’s actually an issue that has apparently existed for a few patches now, although I never encountered it before this one and the issue has verifiably been exasperated by something they did to the backend to support new features added by the High School expansion pack. And that’s just ONE of the problems… a lot of the new features are straight up broken and the new wants & fears system is actually less in-depth than the previous whims system, which it replaces, so… I don’t see many reasons to update ATM.

    about 13 days ago from web in context