Matt (zeldatra)'s status on Thursday, 04-Aug-22 06:24:06 UTC

  1. @scribus I’m sure it’s eyeroll-inducing when I talk about how I think The Simpsons looked better before the switch to HD but this is basically exactly why. The new studio is better about it than Film Roman was but the crispness of the art drew a lot of attention to the crudeness of the character designs and made the whole product look a lot worse. The brighter colors are headache inducing. The improved readability of small movements means characters aren’t moving much at all. And now that things are going into 4K that’s all probably gonna get a lot worse. There are gonna be a thousand individually animated objects in a single frame just to prove it can be done. It’s gonna be visual overstimulation like you wouldn’t believe.

    about 9 days ago from web in context