Matt (zeldatra)'s status on Friday, 03-Nov-23 12:43:12 UTC

  1. @scribus update on this: apparently she had somewhat successfully lied her way into the position she was in. She’d been hired as a deli clerk and was transferred to my store after basically becoming to much for the previous store to handle (thanks for that, guys!). Then when she got here she concocted this plan to basically act like she’d been promoted with the hopes that we’d give her the pay of an assistant manager for at least a while before we found out. Her refusal to answer most of my questions was because she didn’t want me finding holes in the story, like her refusal to tell me what store she came from was to stop me from contacting her previous manager and finding out that she was just a deli clerk - before the whole thing went down I had already figured out what store she was from because… it was listed under her file, which I genuinely can’t believe she didn’t think I would check. Before I was able to ask the manager there about her though, she’d already been fired.

    about 7 months ago from web in context