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  1. Roll a blunt with your Blue Eyes~

    about 10 minutes ago from web
  2. countin stacks with ma Red Eyes

    about 7 minutes ago from web
  3. Dude, I want the mangoes out of a churchwarden pipe.

    about 8 minutes ago from web
  4. everyday i'm summoning

    about 11 minutes ago from web
  5. >dueling with @northernnarwhal
    >tough duel
    >draw an equip card I needed
    >equip it to my monster while laughing evil-y
    >I look at the field
    >I mistook United We Stand for Mage Power
    >I cry

    about 25 minutes ago from web
  6. What card game are you guys talking about?

    about 24 minutes ago from web
  7. And just to clarify, yes, I would see a nuclear holocaust happen if it meant i could make jokes about it in a cartoon

    about 30 minutes ago from web
  8. (it's still MLB2)

    about 29 minutes ago from web
  9. # Matt furiously animating in a bomb shelter

    about 30 minutes ago from web
  10. I remember in school when I made people think I could beatbox when actually it was my friend doing it.

    about 32 minutes ago from web
    • drinking is for cool people

      about 46 minutes ago from web
    • so, i overheard someone on the bus using "zerimbabauê" as a slang forsex. i dont know what the hell the person was thinking when she came up with that

      about 34 minutes ago from web
      • I hope the Republicans win the 2016 election for the sole reason of "I want to make a joke about it in a cartoon two years from now"

        about 36 minutes ago from web
      • "Some day, all of the issues and injustices will be gone, and we'll discover we can be huge jerks anyway and we'll realize we wasted our time"

        about 50 minutes ago from web
      • The animation in this Treehouse of Horror short is simply beautiful. Can you believe this was all the way back in 1995?

        about 53 minutes ago from web
      • I'm so upset that her bio got lost to time when widget nuked @thatonestocking's posts

        about an hour ago from web
      • I want "nicer than the yellow one" on my gravestone

        about an hour ago from web
      • >"I listen to everything but rap and country ;)"

        Literally anyone I've seen who uses this phrase generally just listens to fastidiously produced clear channel family friendly radio pop music readily prepared for their instant consumption and has no concept of artistic merit, instead using a vague misnomer of a phrase like the one above to feign taste.

        about 2 hours ago from web
      • That's Quitter talk, get it?

        about an hour ago from
      • i'm might go to sleep soo, though, i barely slept last night and i slept for only like 1 hour in the afternoon

        about an hour ago from web
      • @ellieellie's avatar is ironic right

        about an hour ago from web
      • That moment where you watch people talk about music for so many hours and you rather fall asleep just to see them still talking about music

        about an hour ago from web

          about an hour ago from web
          • Wednesday has been cancelled due to a scheduling error.

            about 3 days ago from web
          • ty and coltz get a room

            about an hour ago from web

            about an hour ago from web


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