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  1. had an idea for my sister's Christmas present but she already has it ;-;

    about 45 minutes ago from web
  2. "Don't you have any lawyers here?" "We solved our lawyer problem a long time ago."

    about 3 minutes ago from web
    • is blocked on school/work wi-fi networks. We've made it to the big time.

      about 6 minutes ago from web
      • FMK, Sam Pepper, Thomas Ridgewell, Markiplier

        about 11 minutes ago from web
        • What is going on you guys ! i am new here.. Now keep scrolling damn it !

          about 29 minutes ago from web
        • Severe weather warning at the North Pole. Mrs Claus wakes up in the middle of the night, having been awoken by something heavy hammering down on the roof. She asks her husband, "Honey, what's that noise?" Without stirring, Mr Claus replies, "Sounds like rain, dear."

          about 37 minutes ago from web
        • Slurely you jest

          about 41 minutes ago from web
          • @mrmattimation Please don't use racial slurs on this childrens website.

            about 54 minutes ago from web
          • A hero, just like you

            about an hour ago from web
          • I am straight-up advocating headbuttery as an appropriate response to being handed one of these

            about 2 hours ago from web
          • Are you aware?

            about an hour ago from web
          • #

            about an hour ago from Choqok
            • God said: These things being named Aiden

              about an hour ago from
            • I want a Netflix original about Krushchev

              about 6 hours ago from MuSTArDroid

              about 2 hours ago from Choqok
              • nice, it's awareness week for that disease I have

                about 2 hours ago from web
              • If you don't know what I'm talking about: Adobe just announced today that it is once again overhauling Flash and renaming it to "Adobe Animate CC". Supposedly, they're giving the brush tool.

                about 3 hours ago from web
              • Well, well. It seems that after so many years, the answer to the age-old question "What program do you use to make Flash" will no longer be "Flash".

                about 3 hours ago from web
                • This sounds like the most broken-ass system in the planet, how has it worked for 20 years?

                  about 3 hours ago from web
                  • The ESRB is SELF-SUSTAINED with no help from government regulation. Who cares THAT MUCH about objectionable content in video games???

                    about 3 hours ago from web
                    • Did you know: Chipotle is the historical site of the first time a president ever apple his pants in public. United States President Jimmy Carter ate at a Chipotle restaurant in 1979 and sharted right there in front of the whole entire American public.

                      about 4 hours ago from web
                      • The Pokémon movie blows

                        about 6 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
                      • Went ahead and bought a 3-month Spotify subscription since the iPhone app forces you to shuffle otherwise.

                        about 5 hours ago from web
                        • Incredibly realistic

                          about 8 hours ago from Choqok
                        • Hey River, I really like your sonic pizza cutter.

                          about 9 hours ago from web
                        • he's got my number

                          about 19 hours ago from web
                        • The best part about being 18 is that I can finally watch "Do Your Balls Hang Low" on YouTube.

                          about 13 hours ago from web
                          • Balls to the walls sounds like it hurts real bad

                            about 13 hours ago from web
                            • Get nakie with me

                              about 14 hours ago from web


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