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      • @kaniini Well, they're the ones I'm talking about, because they're the ones that come and go so frequently in my area.  Either they don't achieve sustainability (because the tradeoff for a member isn't worth it), or they do skeevy legal stuff and end up afoul of the various Worker's Rights apparatus in our local or federal government.  I was lead to comment on this to begin with, for example, for hearing that one local food co-op in the Glebe here, basically had to shut down.  They expelled all of their members for an attempt at unionization (which in and of itself makes me think - if this is a cooperative effort, why the batcave do they need a union?  they obviously weren't treated fairly) and no one would touch them afterwards.

        The one solid cooperative here is the local credit union, which has been going since 1968 or something like that.  But even that's had its fair share of troubles.

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        • @purplehippo I remember reading in the New York Times there was a coop that required all adult members of the family to work so the one mother who wanted to be a part of the coop had to work for her husband's "shifts" too (if she wanted to remain a member) and this is for like what, getting food 75 cents cheaper?

          Dear world: 2.5 hours of your life is worth more than 75 cents.

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          • @kaniini There's a reason you don't see many coops in Canada.  Minimum wage isn't a suggestion, it's a legal requirement and willfully not paying it is an indictable offence.

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            • Reap what you sow.

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            • @purplehippo Seems like this generation's pyramid schemes as it were, in the sense that people are always fixated on how much better they'll have it doing it, but very often they just get exploited.

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              • @purplehippo when it comes to trademark cases it's what could cause brand confusion that's the determining factor as to whether the court will action it or not.  Unfortunately this also means the more high quality the work of a "homage" that uses the branding does, the higher risk of it *having* to get cherrycanned.  In trademark law if you don't actively defend your brand, you lose any claim of it, and thus basically lose any control over your own work.

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                • sup gamers

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                  • @hakui two slices of different flavored toast would count

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                    • If youre genuinely in the business of creating a cooperative community endeavour, treating your people like community, not capitalist worker-drones, is imperative.  Most coops just seem to function like a CostCo where the membership fee is work, not money, and frankly, I fail to see the fundamental difference, especially when in practice none of those people have any actual ownership stake in the business.

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                      • @purplehippo I wouldn't even really blame iD, its pretty flagrant trademark infringement in the kind of way where you could genuinely confuse people about the naturtte of the game.

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                        • Mickey Mouse tried to get a divorce but his lawyer wasn't having it. He said, "Mickey, you can't divorce Minnie just because she's, as you put it, 'seriously silly'"

                          Mickey says, "No that's not what I said; I said she's FrankerZing Goofy"

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                        • mike had to leave. instead, go to which is a cooler stream

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                          • Streaming Super Mario Galaxy with doorbell @delores


                            Come join!

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                          • @lnxw48a1 at least the missing streams sounds like a bug (or maybe you can / have to define the streams now?) cc/ @andstatus

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                            • Whos computer smart? Does a PSU effect connecting to 5ghz sometimes if its failing? Like 5GHZ take more power then it can handle in a weakend state? I ask cause not only that, my pc powers down randomly and then start up by itself. I assumed that sounds like a PSU issue. Would the PSu failing dmaged mywireless stick so its 5ghz is toast? OR is this all happening due to a hardware failure in my stick just having my pc reboot it self now and again?

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                              • @karabiner weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell maybe genderfluid, i don't know. but my point is, be good boys and don't use the slur words

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                                • Hey, I'm going to be writing an article on the to help people after they . Send me some platforms that you've used or heard of.

                                  Right now:
                                  - Diaspora
                                  - Mastodon

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                                • who wants to read a really Potato Knishesty joke

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                                • Gotta do a Hitler impression for a gag at the con, my YT search history is about to get weeiiird

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                                • Slick dude is a hulking football linebacker type, while poor sucker is probably a jockey. #

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                                • Sitting in a cafe listening to some slick dude at the next table trying to scam some poor sucker out of his life's savings.

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                                • hot take: puzzle bobble sucks

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                                  • @se7en because as i've come to accept myself, i've come to tolerate disrespect less and less. while yes, last year i was a very pro "free speech", conflict loving person, i was also actively seeking ways to kill myself. as i separate myself from negativity and come to terms with my own life, i've come to set my own rules for what i find tolerable and beneficial in my life. with my life on the line, i can no longer justify tolerating things that hurt me or the people i enjoy being around.

                                    im sure i am a hostile, angry person. but im just trying to survive day by day. because what i was doing before was not surviving.

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                                    • bugmen is a good insult tho

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