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  1. I've never been on lainchan in my life but the admin gave me a sticker

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    • *lainchan stickers on proprietary laptop* im a hackurr

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    • @lain your shirt, avatar, and general demeanor says otherwise

      about a minute ago from
      • @lain how do you have a wife

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        • Listening to Ween today. Chocolate and Cheese is not as good an album as people suggest it is but The Mollusk is great

          about 17 minutes ago from web
        • untagged porn? on my timeline? it's more likely than you think

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          • @ocean22 free software can't even make a kernel. GNUcatgirl will be a long cardboard tube with vaseline before a startup comes by and forks it

            about 8 minutes ago from
            • How does this tablet works if the pen doesnt require batteries?

              about 14 minutes ago from web
            • So many amazing donors this winter! # to Peter Kunze, Raphael Tremeaud, René Genz, Robert Dionne, Russell McManus, Russell Rezaian, and Shyama Mandal for your extremely generous support!

              about 6 hours ago from at 42°21'30"N 71°3'35"W

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              • @azurolu Your loss then.

                about 18 minutes ago from
                • FInally got my tablet working. I did the same thing over and over again untill it decided to work

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                  • I just switched over since at the creation date

                    about 23 minutes ago from
                    • @azurolu Still cute

                      about 25 minutes ago from
                      • you're like really passionate about Topics.

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                        • Koi wa Ameagari no You ni - 02:

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                          • @lain yes #

                            about 34 minutes ago from
                            • >I need this right away, top priority
                              >OK, then I'll need this information from you to get started
                              *radio silence*

                              about 40 minutes ago from
                              • Is tea just gay #

                                about 48 minutes ago from
                                • why repeated this.
                              • @triodug that's garnish sir

                                about 43 minutes ago from
                                • @lain nobody knows what f-droid is

                                  about 44 minutes ago from
                                  • More than most tablets. Plus unlike tablets it ran on an Asus with a few of them just offer people to justify it.

                                    about 53 minutes ago from
                                    • I meant to make me answer THREE security questions from 2012 and 2016 election is to make you yiff me baby

                                      about an hour ago from
                                      • time to collapse

                                        # tomorrow

                                        about an hour ago from
                                        • @lain The Kool Otter

                                          about an hour ago from
                                          • @taiz

                                            about an hour ago from
                                          • @roko I would like to shake the peach if you know what I mean

                                            about an hour ago from
                                            • @rko but why

                                              about an hour ago from
                                              • almost fell asleep already, but I need to drink more water

                                                about an hour ago from
                                                • Why don't you RDNexit

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