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  1. SGDQ is back!

    about 2 minutes ago from web
    • i didnt know my city had a hood until i ended up there alone at midnight. i promptly exited.

      about 7 minutes ago from
      • @roko red the kinda guy to duct tape a sandwich bag as a prophylactic

        about 8 minutes ago from
        • @rye now that's it's no longer 11:11 I wish it was 3am

          about 12 minutes ago from
          • @sampo it's just a way to pass time when going to and coming from work

            only on weekends it requires some determination

            about 21 minutes ago from
            • before next weekend I have gone through all the kanji in my anki deck (at least once)

              about 23 minutes ago from
              • @rye i wish rye has a good day bc she deserves it

                about 27 minutes ago from
                • @rye I wish it was 11:11

                  about 28 minutes ago from
                  • @hj I can't really remember much about that year, apart from struggling to learn gamedev using a very weak/impractical game engine and playing a lot of blockland and loving my PSP. also last year before high school and that sucked in its own way... I can't remember if I got into garry's mod back then or the only the next year

                    about 29 minutes ago from
                    • suomi on paras :DDD

                      about 35 minutes ago from
                    • might start tracking my possessions in a spreadsheet. that way it feels extra good when i get rid of one

                      about 41 minutes ago from
                      • @dog intelligence 0 speech 0

                        about 43 minutes ago from
                        • Wife speedrun

                          about an hour ago from
                        • hugg

                          about an hour ago from
                          • woooosh

                            about an hour ago from
                          • The House of the Dead more like THOTD

                            about an hour ago from
                            • @roka shh the story is better this way

                              about 2 hours ago from
                              • @petit @why @eal bullbatcave! ultra failed attack!

                                about 2 hours ago from
                                • @lnxw48a1 would need a certificate in electronics repair or somethin, but not too bad of an idea. copiers suck but thats life.

                                  about 2 hours ago from
                                  • >make a console game that requires a lightgun
                                    >don't release a 1st party lightgun
                                    >to compensate, release a version of the game that uses the keyboard instead
                                    >vastly improve the experience as a typing game
                                    SEGA DOES

                                    about 2 hours ago from
                                    • my legs are ok

                                      about 2 hours ago from
                                    • why cant there be local jobs where i get to maintain 3d printers. that's something im okay at.

                                      about 2 hours ago from
                                      • @nightingalle so as grand as a sweet smile from you?

                                        about 2 hours ago from
                                        • @nightingalle *GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL*

                                          about 2 hours ago from
                                          • I've long since given up on interoperability in the sense that I strive not to break federation in some way myself but I have no pretenses that anything unique I design for postActiv will be supported outside of it.

                                            about 2 hours ago from
                                            • @nightingalle *just a tiny bit less than what was anticipated*

                                              about 2 hours ago from
                                              • @rye but in the end I have to admit that you are more cute than I am humble

                                                about 2 hours ago from
                                                • @nightingalle I imagine something as grand as a cathedral

                                                  about 2 hours ago from
                                                  • @nightingalle *almost*

                                                    about 2 hours ago from