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  1. "If you have a moustache, you have a foot fetish. That's the law!"

    a few seconds ago from web
    • "Dad, is it my fault that you and mom split up?"
      "Of course not, son. It's not something you can control, sometimes adults just make mistakes. And even though you were one of those, I still love you almost the same."

      about 48 minutes ago from web
    • Possible # 3D rendering of That One Horrible Spider-Woman Cover. http://imgur.com/gallery/FmE7mJz

      about an hour ago from web
      • I'm taking spanish...maybe I'll be able to understand the rest of my family.

        about 4 hours ago from Mayonnaise
      • Somehow I want to see a Dr Huxtable Hannibal Lector http://www.collegehumor.com/post/6988024/a-definitive-ranking-of-every-pop-culture-doctor-ever

        about 5 hours ago from Choqok
        • http://pny.lv/3ylt

          about 5 hours ago from web
          • RIP space sex geckos

            about 6 hours ago from web
          • Ahahah! You're deep dish! Ahahah! And you've got extra cheese! Ahahahahah! Ooooh pepperoni

            about 6 hours ago from web
            • Boy howdy I'm going to buy this car that looks like a cigarette packet. http://pny.lv/3ygs

              about 6 hours ago from web
              • So long, idiot!

                about 6 hours ago from web
                • A serious email subject line I have just received: "Your 2nd Chance To Go To Space (Yes, Really.)"

                  about 7 hours ago from web
                • My sister saw a spider in the tub and she ran and got my dad and he was like "do you need a gun?" and my sister was like "what no" THEN HE WENT AND GOT ONE OF HIS GUNS AND /SQUISHED THE SPIDER WITH HIS GUN/

                  about a day ago from web
                • Last week during training I took down a note reading "Three Mile Island Ice Tea." Because alcohol abuse wasn't enough for me, I needed radioactive alcohol abuse.

                  about 9 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
                  • http://33.media.tumblr.com/d3ffcfb16e3261d85d61d684488e7b1c/tumblr_n2fcgxBDRw1rckw3lo1_1280.png

                    about 10 hours ago from Choqok
                    • Activate breakdown, Fartoo!

                      about 11 hours ago from web
                      • Game time. What's in the box? http://pny.lv/3xpy

                        about 11 hours ago from web
                      • Dollar whisky, dollar scotch, dollar bourbon, dollar crotch.

                        about 11 hours ago from web
                        • Grown-ass mothermurdockers petty as little kids. "She took my thing, it has my name on it, waa waa waaaaa," just go say "Hey that's mine, sorry" and don't make a big tattle-tale deal out of it!

                          about 11 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
                          • Hey, we're doing locker room talk. Tell us about your doles.

                            about 12 hours ago from web
                            • Why does PapPal take forever and a Tuesday to transfer money into my account from my bank!?

                              about 12 hours ago from web
                              • Monthly Report: Uptime: 99.98%. Average Response time: 430ms Total Outages: 3.

                                about 14 hours ago from web
                              • Something cool happened in my dream and the only way I can describe it is "if the tree-climbing physics in DK64 and Bnjo-Kazooie also applied to @scribus."

                                about 19 hours ago from web
                              • No one's in this pot. Go away. I am the spaghetti.

                                about 14 hours ago from web
                                • How to pick up chicks: Dress like her dad. It releases a hormone called moan-atonin.
                                  When you get into an elevator with a woman, press a higher number than her and then make a big deal about it. Push her in a lake. Be one of the tallest guys in the bar and brag about how long your butt-crack is. Sing a song that you supposedly heard on the radio, and make fun of her for not knowing it. Use the word "idiot." Never make her pancakes. Force her to make you pancakes, in the middle of the night.

                                  about 14 hours ago from web
                                  • Stupid Windows that doesn't want to unmount a USB drive because some unkown process is still accessing it.

                                    about 14 hours ago from Choqok
                                    • BUAHAHAHA http://www.mlpmerch.com/2014/09/pinkie-pie-piggy-bank-listed-on-amazon.html

                                      about 17 hours ago from Choqok
                                    • My friends and I took the train yesterday to see finally The Guardians of the Galaxy (English original version). In a city before our destination the train conductor said that the train station was occupied by trains because the the train conductor union went on a strike. So the train couldn't drive there. My friends and I were forced to take a taxi and we found another person to share the costs but it was still an expensive drive.

                                      about 18 hours ago from Choqok
                                      • http://www.engadget.com/2014/09/02/webos-port-renamed-luneos/ #

                                        about 19 hours ago from Choqok
                                      • WebOS how many times are you going to hurt me

                                        about 18 hours ago from web
                                        • http://pny.lv/3x02

                                          about 19 hours ago from web


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