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  1. well, starting today, i will be studying for the master degree admission exam... might be coming here a lot less :\

    about 6 minutes ago from web
  2. holy grapes it's the second coming

    about 43 minutes ago from web
  3. Oh # guy, you're pleasingly derranged

    about 11 days ago from web
  4. I just played a one-shot d&d 5th edition adventure. Of course my character died. He was eaten by a bear. An ordinary bear, not even an owlbear.

    about 5 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
    • "Vegetarian Meatloaf" is my new #

      about 10 hours ago from web
    • Guess who's naked!?

      about 11 hours ago from web
    • # Finally Korra got her powers back and is ready to kick Kuvira's butt.

      about 12 hours ago from Choqok
      • How to make sure you run out of hard drive space, Download a couple of things featuring Chris Rock.

        about a day ago from web
      • I have an idea for what we could try. What happens when you point it at a real fish eye?

        about a day ago from StatusNet Android
        • Oh my... It's horrible http://fashionablygeek.com/costumes/dont-mess-with-queen-buttstallion-cosplay/

          about a day ago from Choqok
          • The shop is very sorry that they haven't send me my pc parts yet. Yet again they postponed the delivery. They say they can't tell me when it'll happen because of the short supply and high demand. I asked them how many people are in front of me and how many cards the shop has received in each past delivery, but the shop refuses to give me that information. I can understand that but it's still a murdockty move from them to leave me in the dark.

            about a day ago from MuSTArDroid
          • Didn't the Romans kill Jesus? :L?

            about 2 days ago from web
          • Oh wow http://pny.lv/5epz

            about a day ago from web
          • Name my Zekrom guys

            about a day ago from web
          • Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTH, and DENNIS.

            about 2 days ago from web
            • Welcome to Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf, a short text adventure inspired by Rob Cantor.

              You're walking in the woods. There's no-one around, and your phone is dead.

              >Examine woods

              Out of the corner of your eye, you spot him: Shia LaBeouf.

              about 2 days ago from web
            • I am a vampire and

              about 2 days ago from web
              • !coderponies anyone able to help me with my droid?

                about 2 days ago from web
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                • @critialcloudkicker Nope, it doesn't load the OS. Sits at a blank screen, causing me to load my bootloader and manually reinstall the OS.

                  about 2 days ago in context
                • @vt3c Oh, well befre jumping to conclusions there are 2 things that you can try prior to jumping on the forums and ask for help ( I actually know next to nothing about the Samsung Galaxy Note I717 ( or AT&T for that matter ). As you are no doubt using your MicroSD to load the ROM from you should try to format it completely ( make total backups, just in case ) and re-download the ROM, put it on there, flash your device with this LicquidSmooth, and once it is installed, instead of rebooting turn off your phone, take out the MicroSD, and then boot it back up. Not saying it will help, but if it does, well, any forum you go to and ask will tell you the same I'm sure

                  about 2 days ago in context
                • @critialcloudkicker Wait... I bananased that up... I meant "Instead of rebooting, turn it off, take out MicroSD, and boot it back up"

                  about 2 days ago in context
              • My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everyone calls me Fhqwhgads.

                about 2 days ago from web
                • He'd just slow us down with his money and resources.

                  about 2 days ago from web
                  • Thx for another attempted DDOS~

                    about 2 days ago from web
                  • can't wait for season five! "actually I can, considering the longer they take on making season five, the better the season will probably be."

                    about 2 days ago from web
                  • I'm not sure how the hell Origin is giving me up to 1.6MB/s but I'm enjoying it

                    about 2 days ago from web
                  • How is the history of King Henry VIII taught in schools in England these days, I wonder.

                    about 2 days ago from web
                  • Conjecture: Strong Bad dressed as "da bee" in Pumpkin Carve-nival is a reference to IMDb.

                    about 2 days ago from web
                    • Pinkie Pie is currently blinking at me on my desktop [Squee!]

                      about 2 days ago from web
                    • Is the word "furries" censored

                      about 2 days ago from web
                    • ceruleanspark, you there?

                      about 2 days ago from web
                    • http://i.imgur.com/77egAAc.jpg Concept art for Destiny revealed.

                      about 2 days ago from web
                      • I got an old wireless mechanical Logitech keyboard for free. My father gave it to me because they got new keyboards at his work. The worst part about cleaning keyboards is putting the keys back into the board, not because I don't know the layout but because it takes damn long.

                        about 2 days ago from Choqok


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