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  • Skype ponies skypers Skype ponies

    Anypony who hangs out on Skype!

  • The RDN Skype group skypegroup The RDN Skype group Skype

    We will be having voice chats over skype. Don't be disrespectful or I will joyfully ban you. Now that we got that out of the way, add me on Skype to join us. I will keep you updated as to when the calls will be happening. Skype name: renovatedkitchen

  • mlp skype group call broniesskypegroup mlp skype group call

    my skype name is midnight.sun54 im looking for people interested on doing a skyype group.add me if you want

  • TheBronySkypers thebronyskypers TheBronySkypers Not telling, Over the rainbow

    For people that have Skype and want to talk about MLP. So swearing, dirty humor, pornography or anything of that matter. The leader of this group is dashisbestpony.