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The RDN Skype group

The RDN Skype group

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We will be having voice chats over skype. Don't be disrespectful or I will joyfully ban you.

Now that we got that out of the way, add me on Skype to join us. I will keep you updated as to when the calls will be happening.

Skype name: renovatedkitchen

The RDN Skype group (skypegroup) group


  1. is this still going on

    Thursday, 20-Oct-16 04:33:18 UTC from web
    • hey i have a question for you all, is the rdn skype group still up?

      Saturday, 16-Mar-13 22:21:56 UTC from web
    • !skypegroup Skype call going to happen on Thursday 14th at 22:30 EST

      Tuesday, 12-Mar-13 18:13:12 UTC from web
    • !skypecall yeah, yeah. I'm tired and lazy. And I need a shower first, if I'm still gonna do this

      Sunday, 17-Feb-13 03:06:59 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      • @foxgopher Wee! Alex

        Thursday, 14-Feb-13 20:05:10 UTC from web
      • !skypecall happening this saturday. At 2200 EST

        Thursday, 14-Feb-13 05:24:41 UTC from web
      • !rdnskypegroup do I have to ask everyone individually, AGAIN? Why is organizing things here always a pain

        Thursday, 14-Feb-13 05:29:10 UTC from web
        • !RDNskypegroup !skype Let me know who can/ cant make it so I will know if I should change the time

          Thursday, 14-Feb-13 05:26:10 UTC from web

            Saturday, 02-Feb-13 03:01:23 UTC from web
          • !rdnskypegroup so it's official that every call will now include a song to sing because I said so. And then @redenchilada will record us and turn us all into T-pain. Place your vote on what repertoire we will sing. Blues Brothers gets my vote so far. If you don't know blues brothers, go cry in a corner, watch it and then become popular overnight

            Tuesday, 22-Jan-13 12:14:03 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • Spike sent porn to Princess Celestia. !skypegroup

            Monday, 21-Jan-13 04:41:45 UTC from web
          • @redenchilada is reading us "The Ship-off" fanfic join !skypegroup quick!

            Monday, 21-Jan-13 03:31:55 UTC from web
          • Well, murdock. I dun goofed and now my domain name doesn't belong to me. Gotta go get it back...

            Monday, 21-Jan-13 03:19:12 UTC from web
          • !rdnskypegroup The bell is ringing, the bell is ringing

            Monday, 21-Jan-13 03:13:22 UTC from web
            • !rdnskypegroup It is happenings

              Monday, 21-Jan-13 03:01:19 UTC from web
              • !skypecall THE CALL IS HAPPENING

                Monday, 21-Jan-13 02:02:31 UTC from web
              • !skypegroup Some people call it the bare wasteland of a post apocalyptic world. Some people call it my skype group.

                Sunday, 20-Jan-13 20:01:13 UTC from web
              • !skypegroup I found out how to ban people.

                Sunday, 20-Jan-13 19:57:36 UTC from web
                • !skypegroup so apparently, you can also press this link and it will get you into the chat group skype:?chat&blob=1_UMN1opxRRyoboJbTQOqlrmjKz-tb5VtuWBxIaIaHcKYfvyruppaPIqmKxsXZ67eLG8QusIemx_d8rEg3grKGuMlK8mrWuViqm-GPFjis-DFkxzuhaF61-n8CTHqv3duV7LFPNcgx_0K7IJLg7w9SgERf_4FGgoky_Q1Qhj2kUCApJeVt2tvFCNqyR_i2RJFtluHjQ-hn4YmbMPkW49q6xMSmxv6o4YMR1aBWDYm5XEH1TNgddECmHTQJA

                  Sunday, 20-Jan-13 19:52:28 UTC from web
                • !rdnskypegroup Remember the call happening at 0200 UTC on Sunday the 20th

                  Sunday, 20-Jan-13 08:24:08 UTC from web
                  • !rdnskypegroup if you miss the call this Sunday at 0200 UTC, you suck eggs

                    Saturday, 19-Jan-13 02:52:03 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                    • !rdnskypegroup last posted time is incorrect. I mixed up my time zone addition. Cal happening on Sunday 0200 UTC. Its right this time

                      Friday, 18-Jan-13 23:29:01 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                      • !rdnskypegroup

                        Friday, 18-Jan-13 23:26:03 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                        • !skype call is going to happen this coming Sunday at 1600 UTC

                          Wednesday, 16-Jan-13 01:56:32 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                        • !rdncaroling has been officially remade to !skypegroup (AKA The RDN Skype group) If that isnt self explanatory, I hope you are still in school

                          Saturday, 05-Jan-13 05:14:03 UTC from web
                        • !rdncaroling # WHO WAS PLAYING THE UKULELE?

                          Monday, 24-Dec-12 17:13:56 UTC from web
                        • @madflavors and I just finished reading a comedic, semi-erotic fanfic about Nightmare Moon's butt to the !rdncaroling Skype call. It was fun.

                          Monday, 24-Dec-12 07:09:03 UTC from web
                        • !rdncaroling No more singing; only fanfics.

                          Monday, 24-Dec-12 05:51:41 UTC from web
                          • !rdncaroling has now began a stream of reading: Nightmare Mooning

                            Monday, 24-Dec-12 05:49:28 UTC from web
                            • On the skypr call, I'm Cyza.

                              Monday, 24-Dec-12 05:30:34 UTC from web