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  1. !linux !debian is there anything I can do to make debian recognize a brand-new USB3 thumb? It's recognized without a hitch on Dennis (LMDE) and not at all on Nikola (Deb Jessie); kernel used on Nikola is not teh latest (which doesn't work) but still newer than that on Dennis. # # this doesn't make things easy...

    Wednesday, 01-Apr-15 13:53:53 UTC from
  2. @minti Planetside 2 is GODLY... if your computer can manage it. Which my computer does not seem to be able to do because it has well over the recommended specs but I have an AMD/ATI setup which them developers seem to hate, not optimized ? can you spell that ? # #

    Friday, 08-Mar-13 11:28:21 UTC from web in context
  3. So Pidgin isn't working with my Live account, and neither is hotmail. What :/ # #

    Friday, 27-May-11 00:38:05 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context

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