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  1. Honestly the only thing that I end up in bad shape, but they did what you said, try to hide a crack in a spooky place in the reach of the restrictions over here, the Democrats screwed themselves big time, and barely taking any vacation outside visiting an uncle or the update #

    Monday, 21-May-18 09:40:06 UTC from
  2. blocked post containing tag #

    Saturday, 14-Apr-18 01:06:11 UTC from Repeated by vriska
  3. blocked post containing tag #

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  4. Nifty. #

    Thursday, 14-Apr-16 01:00:11 UTC from
  5. Wow, [S] ACT 7 is animated! #

    Wednesday, 13-Apr-16 11:27:46 UTC from in context
  6. Oh, god, the update #

    Saturday, 25-Oct-14 05:44:17 UTC from web
  7. !homestuck

    Thursday, 24-Oct-13 22:50:48 UTC from web
  8. !homestuck

    Wednesday, 25-Sep-13 11:20:09 UTC from web
  9. !Homestuck

    Tuesday, 11-Jun-13 22:54:26 UTC from web
  10. !Homestuck

    Tuesday, 11-Jun-13 22:36:28 UTC from web
  11. !Homestuck

    Thursday, 06-Jun-13 08:07:03 UTC from web
  12. !Homestuck

    Monday, 27-May-13 06:23:50 UTC from web
  13. !Homestuck

    Thursday, 09-May-13 08:27:55 UTC from web
  14. im aldeary heer !homestuck

    Wednesday, 08-May-13 07:41:46 UTC from web
  15. John Egbert makes kittens go crazy !homestuck

    Friday, 03-May-13 05:39:24 UTC from web
  16. for all you # fans #

    Wednesday, 24-Apr-13 03:06:42 UTC from web in context

    Wednesday, 17-Apr-13 02:47:30 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  18. !homestuck Your lord has returned, you may begin to kiss the ground where I have walked.

    Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 22:26:48 UTC from web in context
  19. "As Lord English is charging his laser breath attack to finish off our heroes, a whole ham flies out of nowhere and lodges itself in his throat. Lord English chokes to death. Homestuck was just really long “Inappropriate Time for Ham” comic the whole time." !Homestuck

    Saturday, 13-Apr-13 23:12:44 UTC from web in context
  20. !Homestuck

    Saturday, 13-Apr-13 15:40:38 UTC from web
  21. This is the best thing ever guys !homestuck

    Wednesday, 10-Apr-13 03:59:34 UTC from web
  22. !homestuck update. @Bitshift is too pixelly and I work 60-70 hrs/week for Conservancy, 8 hrs volunteer work/week for FSF. I just sequence broke life... I successfully cooked pork chops so

    Saturday, 06-Apr-13 12:13:23 UTC from the moon
  23. !homestuck WHAT COULD IT BEEE

    Tuesday, 02-Apr-13 06:38:09 UTC from web in context
  24. @johnnynull Alien women. I think he might be aspiring to be the next Kanaya Maryam. #

    Saturday, 30-Mar-13 11:48:41 UTC from
  25. TEREZI: D4V3, YOU D***!!! DAVE: what DAVE: dont blame me DAVE: i cant control the crab !Homestuck

    Thursday, 21-Mar-13 09:28:57 UTC from web in context
  26. !Homestuck @anarchycarcino

    Thursday, 21-Mar-13 07:34:44 UTC from web
  27. KARKAT: AND NO I DIDN'T STEAL IT. KARKAT: HOW COULD I STEAL SOMETHING FROM THE COMMON AREA? NOBODY ACTUALLY OWNS ANY OF THAT F***ING FURNITURE. KARKAT: THAT'S WHY IT'S CALLED THE *COMMON* AREA, YOU ACCUSATORY PIECE OF FILTH. DAVE: sounds like communism DAVE: are you a communist or something DAVE: actually that makes perfect sense what with your sickle and all KARKAT: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? DAVE: wait john has a hammer oh s*** its all adding up DAVE: when we arrive are you going to team up with john and seize the means of production !Homestuck

    Thursday, 21-Mar-13 07:24:18 UTC from web
  28. This NEEDS to be seen, even of you don't read #

    Thursday, 21-Mar-13 02:08:44 UTC from web in context
  29. !Homestuck

    Tuesday, 12-Mar-13 23:54:32 UTC from web in context
  30. !Homestuck Man, dat Snoop Dogg holding Nepeta and (Meulin?).

    Monday, 04-Mar-13 01:08:52 UTC from web