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Land of Felt and Poolballs

Homestuck/MSPaint Adventures fangroup.
We post when updates happen whenever we damn please. Feel free to tag your thoughts on an update or share some funny pictures with us.

MS Paint Adventures (mspa) group


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    Sunday, 11-Jan-15 22:05:04 UTC from web
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      Sunday, 07-Dec-14 17:33:57 UTC from web
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        Saturday, 08-Nov-14 04:46:33 UTC from web
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          Friday, 31-Oct-14 06:03:58 UTC from web
        • The placement of Karkat bugs me. It's like when you arrange a set of pencils by colour and then drop a random one in the middle.

          Friday, 31-Oct-14 01:21:16 UTC from web
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          Saturday, 12-Jul-14 06:36:03 UTC from web
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          Saturday, 12-Jul-14 03:15:52 UTC from web
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            Tuesday, 08-Jul-14 00:02:36 UTC from web

              Monday, 07-Jul-14 14:21:36 UTC from web
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                Sunday, 06-Jul-14 22:21:37 UTC from web
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                  Saturday, 05-Jul-14 01:13:35 UTC from web
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                  Tuesday, 17-Jun-14 06:25:56 UTC from web
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                    Tuesday, 10-Jun-14 04:46:23 UTC from web
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                      Sunday, 01-Jun-14 07:33:27 UTC from web
                      • !mspa Someone went god tier on their cosplay

                        Saturday, 31-May-14 09:02:01 UTC from web
                        • !mspa !art I drew John and Dave, so that's a thing. (Screwed up Dave's God Tier aspect-logo-thingy-I forgot what that's called. ((or if it has a name)).)

                          Wednesday, 11-Dec-13 00:21:47 UTC from web
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                          Thursday, 24-Oct-13 22:50:48 UTC from web
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                            Wednesday, 25-Sep-13 11:20:09 UTC from web
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                              Tuesday, 11-Jun-13 22:54:26 UTC from web
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                                Tuesday, 11-Jun-13 22:36:28 UTC from web
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                                  Thursday, 06-Jun-13 08:07:03 UTC from web
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                                    Monday, 27-May-13 06:23:50 UTC from web
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                                      Thursday, 09-May-13 08:27:55 UTC from web
                                      • im aldeary heer !homestuck

                                        Wednesday, 08-May-13 07:41:46 UTC from web
                                        • John Egbert makes kittens go crazy !homestuck

                                          Friday, 03-May-13 05:39:24 UTC from web
                                          • …The inside of my nose is still pink

                                            Wednesday, 17-Apr-13 02:17:09 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                                          • TEREZI: D4V3, YOU D***!!! DAVE: what DAVE: dont blame me DAVE: i cant control the crab !Homestuck

                                            Thursday, 21-Mar-13 09:28:57 UTC from web
                                          • !homestuck Your lord has returned, you may begin to kiss the ground where I have walked.

                                            Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 22:26:48 UTC from web
                                          • "As Lord English is charging his laser breath attack to finish off our heroes, a whole ham flies out of nowhere and lodges itself in his throat. Lord English chokes to death. Homestuck was just really long “Inappropriate Time for Ham” comic the whole time." !Homestuck

                                            Saturday, 13-Apr-13 23:12:44 UTC from web
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                                            Saturday, 13-Apr-13 15:40:38 UTC from web