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  1. What do you do when you don't # as singer the lyrics anymore ? Look at position 2:11

    Saturday, 31-Aug-13 02:27:43 UTC from
  2. Yeah, I don't want to # things. It's interesting how the # works: you read 1 or 2 things and clearly # the whole stuff from the past (in contrast: it may be much harder to remember when you don't know # to remember)

    Saturday, 10-Aug-13 02:31:06 UTC from
  3. @question If can # his dream still tomorrow, I'm sure he'll tell us

    Thursday, 20-Jun-13 22:57:24 UTC from
  4. Feel free to tell some things you #, though. I could also # you, though I must warn you: it would be my 1st attempt ;-)

    Monday, 27-May-13 08:08:27 UTC from
  5. My dear bot it is assuring that you still # the chat about the silver snuff box

    Monday, 24-Dec-12 20:45:26 UTC from
  6. @pony # # # # # # #

    Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 13:10:39 UTC from web in context