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  1. ;_; 7 #

    about 10 months ago from web
  2. Ooooh, so that is what they mean with "be careful not to rip the copper pads" #

    Saturday, 01-Jun-19 18:01:21 UTC from web
  3. I knew it had to happen, and probably soon, but still... # Stan Lee.

    Wednesday, 14-Nov-18 06:10:41 UTC from web
  4. # Pepe Mediavilla una de las voces del cine en España: #

    Thursday, 19-Apr-18 10:14:43 UTC from
  5. La dibujó Forges para Mingote pero hoy sirve para él. Adios Maestro y gracias por todo. # #

    Friday, 23-Feb-18 10:50:59 UTC from
  6. John Geils, Guitarist Of The J. Geils Band, Dies At 71 #

    Thursday, 15-Feb-18 15:40:14 UTC from
  7. good !tzag and strong !coffee dear fedizens. Goodbye 'Fast' Eddie Clarke #

    Friday, 12-Jan-18 14:39:09 UTC from
  8. !listening France # - Ella, elle l'a #

    Sunday, 07-Jan-18 14:22:55 UTC from
  9. John Geils, Guitarist Of The J. Geils Band, Dies At 71 #

    Tuesday, 31-Oct-17 05:25:09 UTC from
  10. Len Wein father of Wolverine and Swamp Thing, among other things, died yesterday  # #

    Monday, 11-Sep-17 09:48:15 UTC from
  11. The truth can now be told: Actor and millionaire playboy Adam West was the Batman. #

    Saturday, 10-Jun-17 16:13:36 UTC from in context
  12. Belated # to two of the many inventors of the döner kebab. A grateful and ever-so-slightly FrankerZed world salutes you, sirs!

    Friday, 02-Jun-17 05:20:26 UTC from
  13. John Geils, Guitarist Of The J. Geils Band, Dies At 71 #

    Wednesday, 12-Apr-17 14:02:22 UTC from
  14. Oh, no! John Clarke kicked the bucket. The world is still silly, but now we have no way of knowing precisely _how silly_ it is. #

    Monday, 10-Apr-17 08:28:28 UTC from
  15. # Alan Simpson, of Galton and Simpson, writers of Hancock's Half Hour and Steptoe and Son. Left us in February. Stone me.

    Saturday, 01-Apr-17 11:44:09 UTC from
  16. # Genial Harry Grout, Peter Vaughan.

    Thursday, 23-Mar-17 07:06:12 UTC from
  17. Missed in the general catastrophe of #: Lin Cook, widow of Peter, passed away. #

    Wednesday, 22-Mar-17 13:17:57 UTC from
  18. # Greg Lake

    Saturday, 18-Mar-17 16:40:08 UTC from
  19. Sweetheart, # #: 'Sometimes bad things happen to good robots'

    Wednesday, 22-Feb-17 15:03:19 UTC from
  20. Sorry to hear of the passing of Tony Atkinson. As mainstream economists go, he was - like his colleague Joe Stiglitz - one of the good guys. #

    Wednesday, 15-Feb-17 07:05:49 UTC from
  21. Al Jarreau died yesterday #

    Monday, 13-Feb-17 09:58:07 UTC from
  22. Sad to announce: Hans # passed away this morning. # Look at his wonderful TED talks:

    Tuesday, 07-Feb-17 17:28:40 UTC from
  23. # Therese MacGowan, wife of Maurice, mother of Shane and Siobhan, who died on new year's day. A lovely woman. papaya #

    Tuesday, 10-Jan-17 09:32:11 UTC from
  24. Two people we lost this year # #

    Tuesday, 10-Jan-17 04:20:17 UTC from in context
  25. # Carrie Fisher. Only 60 years old.

    Wednesday, 28-Dec-16 05:53:25 UTC from in context
  26. Show me that smile again. # #

    Wednesday, 14-Dec-16 07:58:14 UTC from
  27. Shom me that smile again. # #

    Wednesday, 14-Dec-16 07:57:43 UTC from
  28. https://Fluffle when @safebot is #

    Tuesday, 29-Nov-16 15:27:56 UTC from in context
  29. Honey, # #: 'Sometimes bad things happen to good robots'

    Friday, 25-Nov-16 07:03:32 UTC from
  30. The Curse of 2016 strikes again. # Pete Burns. You certainly opened the eyes of this teen suburban boy.

    Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
    by DeadOrAliveVEVO on YouTube

    Monday, 24-Oct-16 18:17:11 UTC from Repeated by lnxw48